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We provide Direct Market Access (DMA) to Stock, Bond and Commodity Markets.
Our solutions for Hedge Funds, Asset Management and Proprietary Trading Groups.
23 Jul, 2012
GloboServe2 Limited signs a contract agreement with Regus giving our consultants access to 1,200 Business Centres worldwide.
28 May, 2012
GloboServe2 Limited leased server space from Ubiquity NYC Data Center, 100 William Street, Manhattan.
25 Feb, 2011
GloboServe2 Limited opens a brokerage account with Interactive Brokers.
We are a group of IT consultants based in The City of London. Together we provide expertise in Algorithmic Trading, GUI and Server Side development, Market Data Access and exchange connectivity.

We cover all aspects of server side development - proprietary object-oriented databases, messaging systems, in-memory data cache and market connectivity.

GUI frameworks development - real-time composite desktops, multithreading, dependency injection and inter-process communication.

Off the back of our software infrastructure developed over the past ten years we develop our own trading strategies for our systematic trading group - Magnus Opus. Magnus Opus trades FX, gold, oil and equities using the reference implementation model of our software.

GloboServe2 development is project-based, where projects can be handled by our core development team in London or outsourced to our offshore partners in Kiev, Ukraine with up to a 100 developers available.
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